Marijuana news: Nancy Grace challenges rapper 2 Chainz over pot (video)

Marijuana news: Nancy Grace challenges rapper 2 Chainz over pot (video)

Nancy Grace, the frequently mocked and maligned cable TV personality who takes a dim view of marijuana, took on rapper 2 Chainz this week in a pot legalization debate that’s gone viral.

Grace needled 2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, about his marijuana use and pro-legalization view. She promoted the interview on Twitter with the hashtag, #pot2blame, and showed clips from criminal cases involving parents forcing their young children to consume marijuana.

“Look at this, 2 Chainz, this mom making her 2-year-old child smoke pot,” said Grace, introducing a clip of a woman forcing a child to use marijuana. “Watch this. I want you to watch it. Look at this baby.”

Epps, who said he doesn’t even give his own young daughters soda, objected to what he viewed as Grace’s generalization of marijuana consumers as irresponsible.

“I feel like she was a bonehead,” he said. “That was an imbecile move. Anybody that loves their kids definitely knows not to put them in harm’s way and that is what she did. So I don’t agree with that at all. I mean, she may have mental issues. It might be something deeper than a joint.”

The clip has taken off this morning, generating lots of praise for Epps. 

Epps told Grace about his own experience with law enforcement after police found a trace amount of marijuana in his tour bus.

Said Epps: “For me, I’m a taxpayer. My bus get pulled over, and they say they smell weed like they do all the time. They find a grinder on my bus that has .01 of residue inside of it. OK? They lock me up, they strip me, then they find out I’m a rapper and they wanna know how fine is Nicki Minaj. They wanna take pictures, and they wanna let me go. They obviously charge me with .01, I go to court, I go to trial and then they say do you pack your own bags, is this your grinder? I tell them no. well they find out my security does it, they drop my case and then they pick it up on my security who obviously beats the case. If that’s not a waste of taxpayers’ time and money, I don’t what it is.”

In a piece for The Daily Beast, Asawin Suebsaeng called the segment a “surreal and patently bizarre segment to behold, with all of the good sense and drug-policy rationality landing on the side of 2 Chainz.”

New York Magazine headlined its piece on the TV segment this way: 
Marijuana news.


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