Marijuana news: Former senator to head cannabis company

Marijuana news: Former senator to head cannabis company

Mike Gravel, a former U.S. senator from Alaska and onetime presidential hopeful, will lead Kush, a marijuana-infused products company.

The company, owned by Cannabis Sativa, Inc., will develop and market products for the medical and recreational marijuana markets, according to a press release issued Tuesday. 

“I’m anxious to assist in bringing this important resource to a broader market in a serious and credible way,” said Gravel.

The company said Gravel is a longtime marijuana legalization advocate who “has personally benefited from its medicinal use.”

The Alaska Dispatch News reported on Gravel’s new gig. Gravel told the Dispatch News staff writer Suzanna Caldwell that the company is eager to get into the Alaska market. Alaska, like Oregon, voted for marijuana legalization in November.

The former senator, who now lives in Burlingame, Calif., said the company would work with local marijuana activists and longtime Alaska friends to watch how the marijuana laws are crafted. He said the company hopes to hire a local attorney to help guide them through the complicated legalities surrounding marijuana.

“We don’t want to make any mistakes with the law in this regard,” Gravel said. “It’s new and it’s fraught with controversy.”

— Noelle Crombie

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