Marijuana news: Colorado launches ‘Good to Know’ campaign aimed at pot consumers

Marijuana news: Colorado launches ‘Good to Know’ campaign aimed at pot consumers

Public health officials in Colorado this week launched a $ 5.7 million campaign in an effort to educate marijuana consumers about the state’s recreational cannabis law.

The “Good to Know” campaign uses what USA Today staff writer Trevor Hughes describes as a “folky approach” to get its message across. And the message? Use responsibly, don’t take cannabis out of Colorado, don’t use in public spaces, don’t give pot to anyone younger than 21 and store marijuana securely when at home so kids can’t get to it. 

Dr. Larry Wolk, the state’s chief medical officer and director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, told Hughes that officials wanted to educate and not alienate consumers, including tourists.

Reports Hughes: 

While Colorado and Washington state have both previously offered limited education campaigns, the Good to Know campaign appears to be the first comprehensive effort by either state to educate consumers about the laws and regulations. Only Colorado and Washington today have recreational marijuana systems in place, although voters in Alaska and Oregon also have approved them. Voters in the District of Columbia have approved legalization but not a system of sales and taxation.

“This is still uncharted territory for us, and really for everyone in the United States,” Wolk said after a news conference Monday.

The campaign targets teens, tourists, Latinos and even breastfeeding women, who may be unaware that THC, the part of marijuana that gets people high, can cross through the placenta, Wolk said.

— The Oregonian

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