Marijuana news: Bottles of ‘pot pop’ explode at Washington shops

Marijuana news: Bottles of ‘pot pop’ explode at Washington shops

Bottles of marijuana-infused sodas were removed from three Washington recreational pot shops after the glass containers exploded or popped their tops, several media outlets reported.

The latest incident took place at Top Shelf Cannabis, a Bellingham marijuana store, where employees arrived one morning this week to find a mess after bottles of Mirth Provisions’ pomegranate drinks exploded overnight, KOMO news reported.

The employees didn’t think anything was dangerous until they heard and saw bottles randomly explode.

“It sounded like a shotgun going off,” said Top Shelf Cannabis manager Zach Henifin. “You can actually feel it, it was that explosive”.

Wearing a face shield and protective garb, Henifin placed cartons of unexploded soda in a steel box the size of a small dumpster outside of the store. The staff used bleach to clean up the mess and pulled pieces of glass from cardboard boxes. The “pot pop” continued to explode inside the steel container for 10 days.

Vancouver’s two marijuana retailers, Main Street Marijuana and New Vansterdam, also had problems with bottles of the carbonated drink, The Columbian reported. 

The owner of the pot-infused drink said the exploding bottles had higher concentrations of yeast, leading to a build up of carbon dioxide, reports the Columbian. The owner said the yeast problem has been resolved, but the product will undergo more testing before returning to store shelves, the newspaper reported.

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